Adair, Oklahoma

A. W. Thorne Land & Cattle, Inc.

Several herd sire prospects.

D6374 Chop Sticks (50% Simmental) x U8388 Maine x BV Cow

D6380 Chop Sticks (50% Simmental) x T7436 Angus/Maine Cow

D6402 Zip Code (Maine/BV) x S6146 Chi/Maine Cow

For Sale - Breeding Bulls

D6394 TCL Harv (50% SM) x X1114 Turk daughter 

Fall calves are weaned and the Spring calves are here.

Lots more to picture.. several nice heifers this year.

D6368 Harvey (50% Simmental) x Y1300 GVC Suh daughter

For Sale - Club Calves

D6438 TCL Harv (50% SM) x X217 Reg Angus Cow 

Call now and make appointment to come by and  SEE THE Fall CALVES..  Sept to Nov born calves. We are ready to wean them in May.   On feed we have some fancy heifers again this year. $prices negotiable -  MAKE YOUR SELECTION PAY HALF DOWN PICK UP started on halter and led to your trailer.  Not ready to show but started.  .  They will be weaned and bangs vac and all shots.   All registered percentage Simmental or Maintainers.