A. W. Thorne Land & Cattle, Inc.

​​Maine-Anjou Herd Sires

TLC Hardy R5351  MA356370 (Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled)  Herd Sire we use heavily in our program.  Sired by Hardcore and out of a awesome Half Angus half Braunvieh Cow M250 A TLC Turnpike x E1780 (above) Angus Cow.  We kept several daughters out of him and they are still making a big impact on our herd today.. like TLC Dolly U8130 that is in one of our top producers.  

TLCC Zip Code Z2107 ET MA429182

Zip's first calves have hit the ground running and wow they are pretty fronted, thick, correct and hairy dudes.  Low Birth Weights are an added plus too. We have several picked out to keep as herd bull prospects and also several for replacement females.  He especially worked well on the TLCC Turk daughters.. ALI X Irish Whiskey..It works.

Zip Code sired heifer out of a Reg Angus and Fat Butt daughter. 

Our Maine-Anjou sires all have consistent calving ease.  We select for milk, maternal and fertility in our cow herd of Maintainer females.  Maine's that milk!  We keep them half to a quarter Maine to keep the show ring style and great performance.  Stop by and see the cowherd.  You will be convinced!  Some of our best replacement females have been coming from breeding these females to our Simmental Influenced Herd Bulls.

TLCC Barts Bandit A3483   MA456458 

He was added to the bull battery and is a low percentage Simmental and 3/8 Maine out of an Intense Plus Dam. TLCC Polly P4126 AND Sired by TLCC Turks Bart.  Bart has produced some of our best cattle.  He will take the place of Bart's line with added Maine genetics.  We will be breeding him to some of the Flying B Cutter daughters for their first calves.  To test for calving ease.  We see no problems as he weighed 78 pounds at birth.

Adair, Oklahoma

TLCC Zip Code Z2017 ET     429182   TH Free PHA Free

Sire: Cowan's Ali and Dam: Starline Veronica 3H

He is proving himself in our herd with his first daughters are in production.  He is a full brother to TLCC Vincente that we lost several years ago.  Black and Polled half blood Maine and Braunvieh. 


Reg # 476554 and BC90427  DUAL REGISTERED

Sire: TLCC TURK S6103 ET


DOB: 12-17-2015

BW: 70   WW: 735   YW: 1150

Comments: Max was picked early on as a possible herd sire prospect.  Keeping him at this point for our own herd use. 

Coming two year old bull sired by Zip Code.  Sold to repeat customers West Family in Texas.

TLCC Turk S6103 ET    MA361288  Half Maine-Anjou out of a clean Irish Whiskey son, Wild Turkey.  His daughters are spectacular and have beautiful udders, moderate framed and produce awesome calves.  He has stood the test of time on this ranch and he just keeps on producing what we want and the customers want.  Over 100 Turk calves have been born at Thorne Ranch.  AI, ET and Natural.  Still breeding cows and we will use him on several of our top Simmental, and Mainetainer cows.   Semen available - Call us 918-783-5477