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2008 Braunvieh Breed Ranking for Black Icon H27  
· Ranked 9th in top 25 Braunvieh bulls in the breed for Maximum Fat Thickness EPD –.01
· Ranked 23 rd in the top 25 Braunvieh sires in the breed for Marbling EPD -.36
· Ranked 15th  in the top 25 Braunvieh sires in the breed for Calving Ease Direct EPD.—2.3
· Ranked 20th in the top 25 Braunvieh sires in the breed for Calving Ease Maternal EPD -  .3

Black Icon sired Steers all test VERY TENDER in the 
Warner-Bratzler Shear Test  

The only pen of steers in the OK Cattleman Test to do so!
TLC 221 STEER  7.281  VERY TENDER  CHO 3  
         AVERAGE          7.520  VERY TENDER

Black Icon progeny have set new standards for Purebred black Braunvieh sales, shows and in carcass contests.   The progeny average 83 pounds at birth on bull & heifer calves "Black & Polled" Gestation has been 272 to 282 days from Fullblood & Purebred Donor's..    You can safely use him on first calf heifers.  He works beautiful on angus too!  They are thick and he adds milk.  Plus he gives them a great disposition.   We are using Black Icon daughters exclusively in the Club Calf Program.  TLCC Turk S6103 ET  goes back to a Black Icon daughter named TLC Black Bev K2386.  She is the Dam of Donor TLC Whoa Girl N3100 Turk's dam.   Both are still in the herd in 2015.  Bev is pushing 16 years of age with her Spring 2015 bull calf at side.  Turks momma just calved her 2015 fall baby heifer by TLCC Zip Code.  She still has a beautiful udder and has never missed a calf since 2005 when she had her first baby!

Black Icon H27 ET   PB25994
Sire: RCB Black Uno ET  PB14293
Dam:  Midnight Dream PB14668
Date of Birth Sept 27, 1998
Birth Wt: 85#  205 Day Weight: 705#
365 Day Weight: 1260#  
Yearling REA: 15.3 in.
REA/CWT: 1.27   Yrlg IMF: 5.83
Yrlg Scrotal: 37 CM
Yrlg Height: 51.5 inches  Frame Score: 6.3
Calving Ease Sire
Gestation shorter 283 days average.
Consistently produces great durable cattle with show ring style.
His daughters have beautiful udders and consistently produce superior progeny that also carcass in the top ten.
Adds a great disposition.
Semen $25 Unit No AI certificate 

  • Purebred Braunvieh - Homozygous Black and Homozygous Polled  
  • One STAR Quality Grade 
  • Three Star Tenderness Gene 
  • Tested Albinism Free
  • 93.75% Braunvieh 6.25% Angus.    
  • Still the "Only"  Proven Black Purebred Sire in the Breed!  

A gentle giant that passed on his great disposition, durable females with great udders, fertility and a three star tenderness gene.  Contact J Bar Braunviehand ask them if he didn't get them started in the Braunvieh breed with son's that they purchased from us in 1997.  Their program started from Black Icon as did several top breeders of Black Braunvieh.