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What is a Braunvieh? Are they a Brahma Gelbvieh cross?

TLC Polled Knight  PB64668
Sire: Polled Lightning 
Dam:  TLC Anna F6496 ET  
He is a very impressive Lighting and Anna son that we have retained to breed to our Black Icon daughters.  He is the full brother to 2008-2009 Nationals Show Heifer of the Year TLC Anna's Light T7392 ET BELOW.

TLC Turnpike ET OB30072  
Sire: Ueli
Dam: BRG Marlene C313
Largest framed bull we ever used in our program but he had the best calving ease of almost any sire we used.  We used him safely on heifers.   His daughters are simply awesome in all categories.   They have perfect udders, are great mothers and have great dispositions.  He had extreme bone and was very good on his feet and legs.  If you want to add frame, bone, muscle, length and depth to your herd.  Use Turnpike.   He is the grand sire to TLCC Hardy.  Turnpike is no longer in the herd.   He passed away in 2006.  He was a big gentle giant at the Thorne Ranch for many years.  He adds milk and pounds at weaning.  

Magnum  ET (Deceased)   OB31668
Sire: Silverwood Dragon 4Y   OB3578
Dam: GLB 814   OB1288
Magnum was a Silverwood Dragon son out of the famous 814 cow.   He was produced from a flush that we purchased from her in 1997.  Magnum was a keeper from the very beginning. Our friend Robert Goodwin saw his potential and acquired half interest in him when he was just a yearling.  He spent most of his time in south Texas on Roberts ranch and only made it back to Oklahoma once for our production sale one year.  He met an untimely death when lighting struck 11 head of Roberts. Fancy moderate framed cattle that had great eye appeal and performance. Semen Available

Purebred Sire 

TLC Viagra K2363 ET OB38218
Sire: Silverwood Dragon 4Y
Dam: TLC Anna F6496 ET (Vernon x A97/8)Viagra (a name most folks don't forget)  consistently produced growth and good framed cattle that excel.    Breeding bulls that matured quickly and bred power genetics from the Dragon and Northstar Vernon blood lines.  His females grew fast and matured quickly and we were able to breed most of them at a year of age due to their extreme growth pattern.    We used him in the clean up program for several years and we ran out of use for him but found a program that can utilize his powerful bloodlines.  Sold to Nohavitza Ranch in Texas.
Number two in the breed for Yearling EPD.

We purchased Silverwood Dragon in his prime in 1997 from the Randall Ranch in Broadus, Montana.  He consistently produced their top cattle and he went onto prove himself time and time again in ours and many herds in the states.  He was very docile and easy tempered.  Produced more herd sires than any other Fullblood bull we have ever used.  He was consistent in calving and his steers fed very well with big 18-19 inch rib eye's and average .18 - .25 back fat on carcass that graded yield grade 1-2.  Marbling was outstanding!  We thought enough of Dragon that when he passed away we buried him in the front lake pasture.  His son's and daughters have proven his legacy.  Semen Available for sale.

​​Braunvieh Sires

Fullblood Sires 

Video of TLC Anna F6496 ET Dam of TLC Anna's Light T7392 ET, TLC Polled Knight and TLC Viagra K2363.  Also dam of TLC Vigor purchased by Tom Cefalu for his Fullblood Program in Childress Texas.

TLC Bud J9103  OB30398 (deceased)

Sire: Silverwood Dragon 4Y  OB3578
Dam: TLC Bruna F6234  (Ueli)
He consistently produces a moderate frame, square hips, deep rib, big foot and soundness. His daughters have beautiful udders and moderate frame size 5.5-6.0 He was Grand Champion Bull at NAILE when he was 9 months old. 

​​Sept 2015 - TLC Silver Link progeny # 1 in RFI 4.05 and # 1 in ADG 4.43 over all breeds at Summer 2015 Best of the Test Navasota, Texas.

TLC Silver Link was also the sire of the 2015 National Show Heifer of the Year Show ring, pasture, feedlot and carcass.

TLC Starwars T7271 OB60755

Sire: TLC Bud J9103 

Dam: GCC G3/8 ET

Starwar's has produced some awesome females in our herd and he went to a Missouri herd and is doing a great job for them. Calving ease sire! Semen is available at Genex in Strafford, MO.

Full brother to TLC Star R5150 2006-2007 National Show Heifer of the Year.Braunvieh Breed Champion at Mercedes Texas 2008! 

Fullblood Sires 

Purebred Sires 

​​Our A.I. and Braunvieh Herd sires are from a variety of genetics that we have incorporated into our over 20 years of  breeding Braunvieh cattle. We selected for; Gestation length, Calving Ease, Fertility, Performance, Eye Appeal, Carcass Value and Disposition in our Braunvieh blood lines.  We have produced winners in the show ring with two national show heifer champions from our genetics.   We have retained some of the top maternal traits out of our cows herd from these sires.   Their dam's are some of our top females with several generations to look back on for reference.  Big volume cattle with width, heart girth and structurally sound feet and legs are one of our selection criteria's.  We natural breed with our Herd Sires for a varied calf crop.  We aim to produce the highest quality animal for our program and our customers. ​We have semen available and frozen embryos for sale.  We also have a few Show Heifers and Breeding Bulls for Sale.

TLC Silver Link W9151 ET  PB69553


Sire: Silverado

Dam: TLC Helena J9104 ET

Sire of several winners. His bull calves just won the test in 2014 Navasota Texas Feed Out..  See him at Latest News and  Archived News pages Show bull of the Year 2012.  His progeny have been winning in several categories.  ​

Black Icon H27 ET   PB25994  See his page!

Bud produced TLC Star R5150 who was National Show Heifer of the Year in 2006-2007.
Sire of the 2010 Grand Champion Beefbuilder heifer DRCC Winning is Fun owned by Reighly Blakley. 

Semen available $25.00 No AI Certificate

Silverwood Dragon 4Y   OB3578

Sire: Kerholm Robi Norman  CA3851
Dam: Starline Miss jenny 12U ET  CA4783
He consistently produces Champion Sons and daughters.   Six frame, square hips, deep rib, big foot and soundness. 
His daughters have beautiful udders and consistently produce superior progeny.
Number one in the breed for Yearling EPD.

Semen available $25.00 No AI Certificate

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