Simmental Cattle and Maine Anjou Cattle FOR SALE PRIVATE TREATY

Simmental & Maine Anjou Bulls For Sale

Starline Veronica 3H

Fullblood Braunvieh 

TCL Turks Trish U8142

(Registered Simmmental & Maine)

TLCC Heart of Gold s6150 ET

(Registered Maine-Anjou

TLC Queen Ann R5324

(Registered Angus)

Our Cow herd are from top genetics and very fertile.  We have done artificial insemination and embryo transplant for over twenty years.  We have finally accomplished a cow herd of our dreams.  Our basic herd is Simmental/Maine/Angus and a few Braunvieh.  The past few years we incorporated more Simmental into the herd to keep maternal and hybrid cross.  We don't have an udder problem and our cow herd is very docile and easy to handle.  There are Embryos for sale from some of our proven Donors.   We have a good cross section of our four breeds!

Our Cow Herd