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Simmental & Maine Anjou Bulls For Sale

Vistors are always welcome please contact us to set up a tour of our operation and cattle.  

​​History of Thorne Ranch

The Thorne family roots came from ancestors in England that immigrated to North Carolina.  They migrated to East Texas and then onto the Panhandle of Texas.  The Thorne family has always been involved in raising cattle and agriculture production.  They produced  Commerical Hereford and Stocker Feeders in Panhandle of Texas at the Thorne Ranch southwest of Canadian Texas for many years.

Thorne Ranch cattle fit several facets in the cattle industry today. They have had many winners in the show ring, thanks to their friends and cattle kids that helped exhibit TLC Cattle over the years.  Thank you and God Bless!  See more at Archived news.

Polled Black Braunvieh Cattle

Black and Polled Purebred Braunvieh make History at Thorne Ranch In 1999, black and polled Braunvieh genetics were introduced to Oklahoma too. Home to Black Icon the first homozygous black and homozygous polled Purebred Braunvieh bull in the breed. Black Icon is 93.75% Braunvieh and 6.25% Angus. A big gentle giant that has produced some outstanding females that we have used for a base in our Club Calf Program.. He consistently produces the right kind. Semen available for the commercial breeder. He works great on straight Angus cows. He will keep them black, polled, add bone, muscle, maternal and a great carcass. He is a one in a million. 

Angus-Simmental- Maine-Anjou Cattle

Braunvieh Cattle

The Thorne Ranch Club Calf Program The Club Calf program developed in the year 2000 when Registered Angus were added to the herd. Maine Anjou and more Simmental genetics were added in 2002 to produce percentage cattle for the club calf program.  They utilized existing Braunvieh percentage Angus-Braunvieh cows. Contributing great dispositions, strong maternal, bone and carcass quality.  

Today, the Thorne's  still breed for Spring and Fall calves... The Spring calves start arriving in April and end in May. The Fall calves start in September and finish in November.  They aim to produce a powerful product that will fit everyone's program.  They have increased the Simmental herd from some top programs. They strive to produce what the customer demands and  aim to produce cattle that will fit everyone's pocket book.  
You are more than welcome to stop by and view their program anytime.  Please call ahead of time to reserve your pasture viewing.  There is nothing they like better than showing their cattle.

In 1991 Albert W. Thorne introduced the Fullblood Braunvieh breed to Oklahoma, when Braunvieh bulls were purchased for commercial Beef Master cows. He liked the cross so well that Fullblood Braunvieh donors and top Herd Sires were added to the herd. The Beef Master cows became recipient mothers to ET calves in the extensive embryo program that developed. He selected several genetics for his breeding herd from Canada after visiting breeders there and in Switzerland. He researched the bloodlines brought in from Switzerland and Europe. He saw blood lines that he felt could improve his breeding program and felt that the breeder ethics and integrity were superior in Canada. He also added American genetics from the Golden Link herd in Nebraska.

Albert (Abbie) William Thorne, his father Albert Nealy Thorne and grandfather William Quincy Thorne purchased and raised stocker feeder cattle and farmed wheat around Hereford and Canadian Texas in the 1950's to 1970's. They were partners in several feed lots that were established in the Panhandle area in the 1960's. 

In 1963, the ranch in northeast Oklahoma was purchased to add pasture for summering yearling cattle. After running yearlings in Oklahoma so much cheaper the Texas ranch was eventually sold to Abbie's classmate Ben Wheeler and family. It was either put in center pivot sprinklers for irrigation or go where it rained more. It was a wise decision. They could utilize the rainfall and better pastures in the northeast Oklahoma ranch.

The present day Thorne Ranch is still located in northeast Oklahoma... D. B. A., A. W. Thorne Land and Cattle, Inc. Adair, Oklahoma.  Celebrating a lifetime of Excellence in the cattle industry.