Simmental & Maine Anjou Bulls For Sale

Maine-Anjou Cow Herd

Our Maine-Anjou Cow herd are from top genetics in the Maine-Anjou breed.  We select for maternal and docile females.  Most of our Maine herd is Maintainers meaning they are percentage. At least 25%.  Maine bulls we have used extensively in our herd were; Gold Club, Medicine Man, Intense Plus, Irish Whiskey, CMC Hardcore, Cowan's Ali, GVC Suh, Wild Turkey, Polled Energizer and Witch Doctor.  

TLCC Heart of Gold s6150 ET

(Registered Maine-Anjou

TLC Whoa Girl N3100

(Registered Chi Maine/Angus)

TCL Turks Trish U8142

(Registered Simmmental & Maine)


Simmental Cattle and Maine Anjou Cattle FOR SALE PRIVATE TREATY